Michigan School Health Survey System

County Report Generation

Get 2008 - 2012 County Reports
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Select the Cycle, Survey Category and the County to generate the Reports. Select the report(s) you wish to generate.
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Note that a new window will be generated for each report and it may take considerable time to generate multiple reports.
When the desired report(s) have been selected, click the "Generate Reports" button.

Student Demographic: Statistics of participating students in the survey for the entity by grade, gender, race/ethnicity, and academics.

Regional Demographic (ISD only): Statistics of participating buildings and districts in the survey. Names and results of individual districts are not provided in this report. Regional reports are suppressed for participation of less than two buildings or two districts.

Summary Table: A table of results by building or district, grade, gender, race/ethnicity, and academics.

Graphical Report: A written report with guiding questions and graphs of key results.
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