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Background and Legislative Intent
Grass roots support for Social Emotional Learning (SEL) rose prior to COVID 19. Over 24,000 educators and leaders have enrolled in Michigan Department of Education’s online SEL modules. A variety of SEL curricula has been adopted and the SEL five competencies meet the requirements for an evidence-based practice. After COVID 19, we have a greater need for SEL as a major prevention strategy and a way to decrease the likelihood of children’s anxiety, depression, and traumatic experiences. Recent data regarding Michigan’s children indicate that educators, clinicians, and caring adults elevate SEL as a priority.

Applicant Eligibility
The Michigan Department of Education will award 20 grants to each partner of the 10 district pairs. Of the 10 pairs, three novice districts will identify as urban, as suburban, and as rural locales. The veteran districts can be from any of these three geographic areas. The final novice district can be identified from any one of the three geographic designations.

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