Welcome to the Nutrition Gateway Dashboard and Portal

The Michigan Department of Education Nutrition Gateway provides Child Nutrition Program (CNP) agencies a singular system to access annual CNP applications (MEGSplus), monthly claims (MIND) and periodic administrative reviews (GEMS/MARS) through an integrated dashboard and portal. 

Access to the Gateway is available for any user who has access to one or more of the following systems:

  • Michigan Electronic Grants System (MEGSplus)
  • Michigan Nutrition Data System (MIND)
  • Grants Electronic Monitoring System/Michigan Administrative Review System (GEMS/MARS)

Proceed to login with your MEIS Login and Password.



Access to the Gateway

The Gateway does not require a separate Security Authorization form. Any user who has access to MEGSplus, MIND or GEMS/MARS automatically have access to the Gateway. The Gateway further delegates the access authorization to those systems after logging on.  You are not be required to login individually in those systems. However, you may continue to access those systems individually if you wish to do so.



Welcome to the Gateway - Request Access page

Users requesting access to the Gateway must have a valid MEIS account. Please click this link to obtain an MEIS account.

  • Users can request access electronically to the GEMS/MARS system by logging in with their MEIS credentials.
  • Users can request access to the MEGSplus system by completing the Security Access Form.
  • Users who require access to the Child Nutrition Claims in the MIND system must be designated in their respective Child Nutrition Applications in MEGSplus system.