Temporary SFSP Site Change Form 

Sponsors must inform MDE of significant changes in site operations using the Temporary SFSP Site Change Form. This form cannot be used for permanent changes in meal times, CAP adjustments, dates of operation, days of operation, or adding/deleting meal types. Those changes must be made in MEGS+ and approved by MDE before the change may take place.
Significant changes in site operations include:
  • Temporary closing of a site
  • Temporary change in meal times at a site
  • Temporary change in dates of operation (i.e. closed on July 4th, closed due to power outage for a day, etc.)
Approval is contingent upon compliance with applicable federal regulations. MDE must receive this form at least 24 hours prior to the requested change(s). Requests not received with at least 24-hour notice are subject to denial. In the event of an emergency, please notify MDE as soon as possible at 517-241-5374.
For questions about this form, email mde-sfsp@michigan.gov or call 517-241-5374.


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