Classification of Instructional Programs Self-Review

for Michigan Secondary Career and Technical Education State Approved Programs

The Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP) Self-Review is a tool developed to assist with Technical Review Assistance and Compliance (TRAC) monitoring of Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs and to help those programs determine focus areas for continuous program improvement.

MDE utilized the library of resources from the High Quality CTE Program of Study to support many areas in the CIP Self Review, located at

Administrator Responsibilities

Each Career Education Planning District (CEPD) administrator is required to review 20% of their CTE programs each year and each program must be reviewed at least once every five years. This process must be completed via the CTE Submission portal at by June 30th of each year. The sequence of the selected programs is at the discretion of the CEPD Administrator. There is no need to upload a list of the CEPD-selected 20%.  This information is recorded and reported within GEMS.

Note: The Michigan Department of Education annually selects CTE programs to review during the TRAC cycle with a specific set of criteria. The selected programs may or may not be in the same 20% that the CEPD Administrator has selected to review that year.

Teacher Responsibilities

Each CTE program teacher is responsible to update their GEMS profile page and annual industry-related professional development.  It is the lead CTE program teacher’s annual responsibility to keep all CTE Program Serial Number (PSN) evidences up to date in the CIP Self-Review at the CTE Submission portal at Contact the appropriate MDE program consultant for your Career Cluster or CIP if you have any questions: >CTE Instructional Programs .

Note: Prior to uploading, documents should be converted to PDF.

User Access
User access to the CIP Self-Review is broken into two types:

CEPD Administrator- This type of access is only for the administrators of each region. Please contact OCTE for a copy of the authorization form.

CTE Teacher or Building Administrator- Click here to request initial activation to program(s):


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