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The Michigan Department of Education (MDE) utilizes computer information systems which are the property of the State of Michigan. Information in our systems may contain confidential or restricted data. These systems, therefore, are subject to state and federal laws, rules and regulations regarding data access, use, privacy and security. By accessing information provided by MDE's computer information systems and clicking on the button below, you acknowledge and agree to abide by all governing privacy and security terms, conditions, policies and restrictions. Most notable, users must: 1. Be authorized to access the system and only for official work-related business. 2. Securely maintain any information downloaded, printed, or removed in any format from this system. When no longer needed, this information must be destroyed in an appropriate manner specific to the format type. 3. Never share user IDs or passwords. Shared accounts will be deactivated immediately upon discovery. 4. Never disclose any confidential, sensitive or restricted data to unauthorized individuals. 5. Give their expressed consent to the monitoring of their activities in the system. If such monitoring reveals possible evidence of unauthorized or criminal activity, the evidence may be provided to administrative or law enforcement officials for disciplinary action and/or prosecution.