Welcome to the Michigan Education Information System (MEIS)

The MEIS User Management is a security system, implemented and used with various Michigan Department of Education (MDE) and Center for Educational Performance and Information (CEPI) applications.

A MEIS user will need only one account which will allow access to multiple MDE or CEPI applications.

  • An account is unique to each individual user.
  • An account MUST never be shared.
  • An account remains open forever.

To obtain a new MEIS account, click Create a New MEIS Account.

If you have a MEIS account and would like to adjust your account information, please login below.

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Have questions/concerns about MEIS security or MEIS User Management?
Please contact the MEIS Help Desk via:
Phone: (517) 335-0505
        Press 2 for MDE Programs
        Press 3 for CEPI Programs